PTE写作考试Write Essay模板

2018-01-02 10:34:29



  Introduction (第段总括,分为三句)

  Sentence 1: Background - orientation;

  •There has long been controversy over the issue of ;

  Sentence 2: Paraphrase the task;

    •e.g. The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems. Who who do you think should be responsible to solve it? Is it the government, organization or each individual?

    •Our environment has been jeopardized by a range of problems, and it raises certain controversy over whether it is the governments, organizations or individuals who need to shoulder the responsibility of dressing these problems.

  Sentence 3: Thesis statement (表达同意或者不同意);

  Body Paragraph (第三段描述章主旨及观点,并佐证)

  Sentence 1: Topic sentence (topic + controlling idea);

    •e.g. Company top level authorities should or should not take employees' suggestions or ideas to make any decisions. Discuss.    •For a company's authorities, taking employees' suggestions into consideration when making vital decisions facilitate employees' innovative progress on a larger scale.

  •即 topic 为take into consideration , controlling idea 为 facilitate employees’ progress ;

  Sentence 2: Explanation 进步解释前句的 topic + controlling idea ;

    • When the top level authorities in a company are willing to take employees' viewpoints into account in essential decision making processes, they are able to accumulate a wider range of ideas in deciding the future direction of the company’s development; thus, those ideas would facilitate more innovative progresses that can further strengthen the company's development.

  Sentence 3: Exemplification即进步举实际例来佐证的观点;

    For example, if a manager creates a democratic for common employees to contribute their opinions in making crucial decisions for the company, these employees are more likely to come up with a variety of innovative ideas to propel the advance of the company in the long run.

  Conclusion (Summarize the main discussion ideas (但不能添加新的观点)

    e.g. By way of conclusion, government undoubtedly shoulder the responsibility of solving a range of devastating environmental issues because of their control over both financial and technological resources which are indispensable in coping with efficiently with the deteriorating environment.

  即总结第三段的main ideal + controlling idea ,但不能引新的idea ,然后重新表述遍。